All of us at Precision Fluid Systems are dedicated to providing products and services with the highest integrity and quality and with unsurpassed customer satisfaction.

Our Mission is to continually strive for improvement in our products and services and to maintain leadership in our industry.

Our Vision is to develop and advance only products that are highly effective, economical and eco-friendly.

Our Commitment to this Vision has propelled our research and development and made us an industry leader.

Our Patent-Pending “new generation” proprietary automatic device with calibrated application of our products further sets us apart from all others.


Precision Fluid Systems, LLC is the result of more than a decade of effort by Kenneth Moody, the founder and owner. In 2005 he developed and patented a device to inject any liquid into a stream of water.

It sounds simple but it filled and continues to fill a need at all levels from international companies to individual homeowners.

Initially Kenneth concentrated on the landscaping market. His device was used to inject liquid fertilizer into a garden hose or irrigation system. Again, the market ranged from individual residential users for their lawns to commercial installations such as golf courses, racetracks, and the State of California’s Cal-Trans Department.

Recently Kenneth improved the device and has a patent-pending for the improvements. For example, it is now compatible with 55-gallon drums and 275-gallon totes in addition to smaller containers.

Additionally, there are numerous liquids that can be applied with the PFS Applicator device. 

The upshot is that Kenneth has established his own company, Precision Fluid Systems, LLC, to manufacture and market the device to be used with liquid products. The markets are almost unlimited as additional large-scale applications continue to present themselves.