Corrosion Control

Corrosion Control - Removal and Prevention

All metals corrode; it is just a matter of how fast. The ability to remove existing corrosion and then to protect the metal from new corrosion has almost unlimited needs and uses in the marketplace.

Governments, industrial users, and the military are keenly aware that corrosion removal and prevention result in a significant savings of cost, labor and time. They clearly see the benefits which save untold hours of labor, avoid down-time and prolong the life of their equipment.



  • Protect virtually all metal surfaces
  • Combination of active ingredients that remove salt and saltwater deposits


  • The products are highly concentrated
  • Just a few ounces per gallon of water is sufficient for most applications

Easy to Use

  • The proprietary PFS Applicator calibrates the exact amount of the product to apply
  • Easy, efficient and fast to apply

Safe to Use

  • Eco-friendly and safe to use on all metal surfaces and not harmful to plants, animals or humans


  • All products have been perfected over time and cannot be reverse engineered

Highly Beneficial

  • Decrease maintenance costs
  • Minimize early system failure
  • Increase service life of equipment


  • Shipyards: Drydock corrosion and rust removal (commercial and military)

  • Shipboard equipment and maintenance (commercial and military)

  • All HVAC equipment including cooling towers, boilers, heat exchangers closed loop systems, A/C coils

  • Oil refineries and mining industries

  • Utility companies – electrical equipment and towers, pipelines, water and waste systems, solar windmills

  • Heavy equipment (commercial, construction and rental)

  • Dredging equipment

  • Aircraft equipment and maintenance (commercial and military)

  • All trucks and vehicles

  • All metal equipment and machinery