Corrosion Control


The testing of metal surfaces is crucial in the process of corrosion and salt build up control.  It will determine what remedial process is needed both on existing coated surfaces and before painting or coating.

We use the Bresle Method of testing with state-of-the-art testing materials and procedures.  Most importantly our testing conforms with ISO 8502-6 and ISO 8502-9 so our customers are always in compliance.


The application process using our proprietary device is easy to use but we do offer instructions and training as needed.

Fire Suppressant

Fire Protection Design

We make on-site visits to best design a specific fire protection plan to include Detection Solutions, Code Compliance, Notifications and Alarms, Fire Suppressant and System Maintenance. For all applications: corporate, private parties, government etc.

Fire Protection Installation

We offer complete installation of the fire protection plan approved by the owner.

We also Provide:

  • Disaster and Emergency Planning, Preparation and Education
  • Wildland Fire Defense and Structure Protection
  • Fire and Emergency Services

Landscaping and Horticulture


We offer landscaping design services for residential and commercial applications.


We have a most knowledgeable and experienced landscaper and horticulturist who is available to answer general and specific questions.

Contractor Recommendations

We recommend licensed landscaping contractors in certain locations for our customers to interview and receive written proposals.