Complete Starter Kit


Complete Starter Kit



Our “Corrosion Blocker” industrial Corrosion
Fighter device, dispensing apparatus
functions in conjunction with an existing
water sprinkler system, consisting of a connected
water source.

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Complete Starter Kit

  • PFS Applicator
  • Pressure Gauge (0-100 PSI)
  • Water Pressure Regulator
  • Commercial Hose (25’)
  • Corrosion Testing Kit (ISO 8052-6 compliant)
  • Salt-X (5 gal.)
  • SaltBuster (5 gal.)
  • Lifeline (5 gal.)
  • Degreaser 100 (5 gal.)
  • Trustbuster (5 gal.)

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PFS Applicator, Pressure Gauge (0-100 PSI), Water Pressure Regulator, Commercial Hose (25ft), Corrosion Testing Kit (ISO 8052-6 compliant), Degreaser 100 (5 gal.), Trustbuster (5 gal.), Salt-X (5 gal.), SaltBuster (5 gal.), Lifeline (5 gal.)


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